Who pays my claim if there’s Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist insurance?

Many cars and trucks on the road have no insurance or minimal insurance. Insurance companies offer people the chance to buy a type of insurance to protect themselves and their families and guests if they are hurt in an accident caused by a driver without insurance. Policyholders who have this type insurance pay a premium for Uninsured motorist insurance which pays compensation when the driver who causes a wreck has NO liability insurance. The law in North Carolina requires all policies to have a minimum amount of this insurance, but many wise consumers buy more.

Underinsured motorist insurance pays compensation when the party who causes a wreck has too little insurance to cover the harm done.

These types of insurance are not well known or understood by many, and the rules in the insurance policies to make claims for this insurance are complicated. I have decades of experience dealing with this insurance and help my clients recover full compensation when they have paid for this protection. When insurance companies pay claims under this type insurance, it should not cause your premiums to go up!