I Know How You Feel

It’s scary when your family and life suddenly get turned upside down. When your child is hurt, it feels like the world is coming to a stop. If a life or disability insurance company refuses to pay, it puts your family in limbo. When a big truck wrecks and causes death or permanent injury, it’s hard to know where and how to start picking up the pieces.

For decades, I’ve helped clients regain control of their lives and get full compensation.

You Deserve Experience and Personal Service

When you’ve been injured, when a family member has died in an accident, or when an insurance company refuses to pay it’s confusing. I’ll help you and make sure you understand your legal rights.

You deserve to speak directly with an experienced lawyer who will give you honest answers and sound advice. That’s why I do all free, initial consultations myself and personally handle every case from start to finish. My clients get the real time attention they deserve.

If you think you have a case, please call me directly at work or on my cell or send me an email.

I Know Exactly What You Are Up Against

I spent 11 years at a large firm representing insurance companies and corporations. I learned all their “tricks” and worked against families and small businesses. In 1991, I decided to help deserving people get fair treatment and full justice.  

Soon after an accident when insurance adjusters start calling to take statements and your mailbox gets filled with lawyer letters, it’s easy to get confused. Don’t make a mistake - make sure you find the right lawyer. Call me, explain what happened, and I’ll give you straight answers. If you choose me to be your attorney, I’ll protect your rights and ease the burdens of worry and uncertainly.