Who pays my claim if there’s an accident caused by someone else?

In most cases where the harm is an injury, death, or property loss there is liability insurance which a person or business bought to pay compensation if they caused an accident.

Liability insurance companies are required by law to only sell insurance to cover real risks which will cause losses (for example, auto and truck liability insurance is to pay for damage caused by wrecks). Insurance underwriters calculate premiums that guarantee the insurance companies charge enough so they can make a profit AND pay claims.

Most liability insurance policies are contracts which give insurance companies the sole power to decide whether to settle. Unfortunately some insurance companies stall, refuse to settle, or make lowball offers so they can make larger profits.

My clients need to understand clearly whether there is insurance to pay when they’re entitled to compensation. There are laws that keep juries from being told about insurance. I am practical and do not ask juries to award money unless I have proof the responsible party has enough insurance or the business has insurance and liquid assets to pay the amount of compensation my client is seeking.