What rights do I have when my insurance company won’t pay when I have a large property loss?

Few things are more devastating or disruptive than major house or business fires or casualty losses. A lifetime can be destroyed even when lives are not lost.

Insurance policies are complicated and most include several different types of coverage. Some of the insurance covers the structure of the house or business; some covers the contents and personal property; and other parts of the policy may cover lost business.

Insurance companies begin their investigation as soon as they get news of the loss. Often they are trying to figure out how to deny or limit what they pay.

Often the insurance policy gives the company rights to investigate (like taking statements or getting records) which “feel” wrong to policyholders. When policyholders refuse to cooperate with the insurance company investigation, they may enable the insurance company to deny an otherwise valid claim!

Sometimes if the insurance company denies or lowballs a claim, you will have legal rights to get paid in full. If the insurance company uses unfair financial pressure or tactics, policyholders may be entitled to compensation including recovery of their attorney fees.