What rights do I have when a life insurance company refuses to pay a death benefit?

Depending on the facts and how the death occurred, the beneficiary may have the right to enforce the policy and make the insurance company pay. Sometimes, the policy may entitle the life insurance company to deny benefits (for example, when there’s a suicide shortly after the policy was issued). If a life insurance company refuses to pay, you should ALWAYS get a legal evaluation of whether the life insurer was right.

Life insurance companies get to write their policies and choose which lives they will insure. They get to set the premiums they charge to insure lives. One thing that’s certain is that people pay life insurance premiums in order to be sure the company will pay when the insured person dies– there’s no maybe.

Life insurers have claims departments which comb over every policy and agent’s file as soon as they are told someone has died. They are not trying to pay claims, they’re looking for loopholes so they can keep the premiums and not pay. I know because I used to be hired to represent some of those companies.